How to keep you indoor plants alive during these cold temperatures!

How to keep you indoor plants alive during these cold temperatures!

We all love houseplants, well i do especially! I have them all over my home as most of them are so easy to take care of we can almost forget about them. They not only make stylish house decor but they have fantastic holistic benefits like purifying the air! the air.During these cold winter temperatures it’s important to take a bit more care than usual! 

I’m going to tell you a few tips on how to do this!

  • If you’re like me and your plants are scattered around your home, it’s important to bring them all closer together and place them near a window, this is because as it’s winter your plants won’t be getting as much sunlight so they need all they can get! Make sure to not put them too near though, as during those winter days if your window freezes over your plants will freeze too!
  • Make sure you keep your windows as clean as possible. This will allow sunlight to come in more easily  !
  • If your home isn’t very bright or doesn’t have much natural sunlight you can also use artificial light as an alternative, placing a lamp above your house plants will keep them happier than being cold and dark!
  • Dust the leaves! This may sound silly, but when your plant is inside it can build up a layer of dust. It’s important to try and remember to wipe it off, you can use a damp cloth for this!
  • Indoor plants like humidity! So if you’re living in a cold climate you may want to invest in a humidifier, you can have this on whilst you’re out of the house to keep your plants happy!
  • Keep your home warm!

 Indoor plants make a house feel like a home, they not only give visual pleasure but they are beneficial to mental and physical health!

Happy house planting!

Nat at Upcountry