The perfect guide for home grown veggies

The perfect guide for home grown veggies

What veggies to plant in february!

As february comes upon us it’s important to start thinking about sowing your veggies, so here’s the ones you should start planning now:

  • Chit your seed potatoes as soon as you can! It’s important to start now!
  • If you have light soil you can begin to plant garlic and shallots, but if the soil is heavy we recommend you leave it longer for it to warm up a bit more
  • If you have a greenhouse, you can begin to sow your tomato seeds and pop them in the greenhouse
  • Broad beans, carrots, parsnips,beetroots, lettuce, radish and cabbage 

You need to be aware of some of the problems that could occur when planting veggies:

  • Slugs are a big garden problem, so you need to control the slugs with one of the slug killers we sell in our stores!
  • Mice can also sometimes be a problem, so place mice traps near the veggies
  • Make sure to properly clear the ground and the surroundings for weeds
  • Remove any rotten fruit to avoid other fruit around it rotting

Finally you need to also be aware of how to look after your veggie plants to achieve the best result:

  • Watering is super important when looking after your veggies, but at the same time its crucial to not overwater your plants, watering from the root of the plant is the best way, and try not to water the blooms or foliage. 
  • Remove ALL weeds!
  • Feeding your plants is vital so you may want to use a natural fertiliser such as chicken manure or you may want to buy a fertiliser( we have all these at our Upcountry stores!)

This should be enough to get you started! If you do want any further advice or info come and visit us at our stores, and you will also be able to find all the products you need from the seeds themselves to the care products you may need!