Planting your seed potatoes!

Planting your seed potatoes!

Time to start thinking about planting your seed potatoes!

You may be asking yourself what are seed potatoes?

 In the simplest form, seed potatoes are potatoes that have been replanted to then produce more potatoes! Seed potatoes are also guaranteed to be virus free as most of these are actually grown in Scotland and due to the cold temperatures viruses don’t survive.

What’s the best way to plant seed potatoes?

You need to choose your “perfect spot” . This should be a well drained area and preferably a rather sunny area, you need to make sure to prepare the soil by removing any stones and weeds that may be in the soil! 

You can also plant them in a container or under straw, regardless of which of these you choose you should be allowing at least 6 hours of sunlight per day on them!

A handy tip is to cut your seed potatoes into halves or even quarters this allows more potatoes to grow!

Seed potatoes also tend to take only 3-4 weeks to grow depending on the sunlight they’re receiving!

Potatoes actually grow better in acidic soil too so using sulphur on you potatoes will benefit them too.

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