Gardening Tips During the Corona Virus Lockdown

Gardening Tips During the Corona Virus Lockdown

Stuck for things to do during these weeks of confinement? Kids driving you mad? Looking for ideas to do in the garden and in the fresh air? Here at Upcountry we have come up with some top tips for keeping you and your family busy during the next few weeks and getting your garden into tip top shape for the summer!

1. Paint some flower pots – Give your plant pots a new lease of life and spruce up the colour in your garden with ceramic paint. If you are home schooling, what better idea than an outdoor art class!

2. Get your kids in the garden – Continuing with the education theme, get your children helping you in the garden planting flowers and trees! What better way to learn than real life lessons, digging to a fixed depth, measuring distance between plants, watering daily…..

3. Sunflower Competition – Have a sunflower seed competition with the family, find a sunny spot and see whose plant flowers first and grows the highest!

4. Up Cycle – If you are avoiding going out or finding it difficult to get pots and features for your garden, try using everyday household items such as retro antiques that are weatherproof and could make great features in your garden.

5. Create a vegetable garden – Grow your own vegetables. Choose fast growing plants such as spinach, lettuce, baby carrots, radishes and cucumbers which can be grown and harvested in 1-2 months.

6. Appreciate nature! With the lack of airplanes and road traffic, you may be noticing the birds more these days and other animals in your garden. Why not build a bird table and sit and listen to the morning birdsong during these days at home!


7. Plant apps – There are plenty of apps these days which can tell you what plants you are looking at using photo recognition technology. Why not download one and use your 30mins a day exercise to take a stroll and grow your knowledge about plants!


8. Design your dream garden – Always wanted a dream garden but never had the time? Well now you have no excuse! Use your time at home to plan out and sketch how you want your garden to look and list the products you need to create it. There are plenty of online providers to order your goods or why not even use the Upcountry delivery or pick up service which we are running during the quarantine period.




For any gardening suppliers and tools feel free to pop by, or place an order on our website!